KEYS Project

KEYS project aims to valorise and promote the achievements from five Comenius Multilateral Projects completed projects aimed to the acquisition of key competences for Lifelong Learning and thus to provide support to teachers and school educators for implementation of competence based education congruent with the requirements of the contemporary life.

keys collage

These projects, SUSTAIN, AQUEDUCT, KeyTTT, READIT, IdiaL, will be valorised through four National Interactive Seminars organized in Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy and in Belgium.
As means of the valorisation, KEYS partners intend to take a closer look at the methodology grounds of the products and outcomes prepared by these projects and to promote in larger context methodologies most suitable for successful competence based learning. In parallel to the experts' analysis, the partners will collect feedback from the project target groups on the applicability, transferability and effectiveness of the methodologies form the standing point of the practitioners and with the view of the present day educational context.

Target group: School teachers and educators in national and international contexts


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