SUSTAIN aims to gather and share good practices from partner countries in two year programme to encourage best results, innovative products to improve the quality of education and training through local workshops, online classroom implementation, and face to face International Teacher Training Course.

The project explores the issues of acquisition of key competences for Lifelong Learning in early school education, which raises learners' awareness on ecological and sustainable development issues. To be able reach this goal, pre-primary and primary school teachers and experts from the four partner countries (TR, BG, IT, RO) collaborated to share their experiences and prepared lesson plans (LPs) addressing the key themes of sustainable development. After a cross-implementation process of LPs in partner countries with the peer coaching sessions, the best examples are selected from 93 LPs and 50 of them uploaded as "Good Practices" in the database. A Good Practices online database containing models for activities, and teaching tools & Sustain International Teacher Training Course, project e-platform are the outputs of the project to promote the acquisition of key competences relevant for education for sustainable development starting from the early school age.
We cordially invite teachers to visit the Lesson Plan database and implement them in their classes. The SUSTAIN database for good practices can be reached in English, Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Italian at

SUSTAIN Biennial in 2015 will be organized in Bulgaria, with the subtheme "Human rights, Peace and Justice". We wait for the contribution of the pre-primary and primary school teachers with their art works.

The Sustain Teacher Training Course for in-service, pre-primary and primary school teachers will be on June 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey.